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Stem Cell treatment is not so common to find at every place, Dr Vijay R Sheth is one of the best Stem Cell treatment doctor in Ahmedabad. If you are also one of those patients who is searching for stem cell treatment, you should surely consult to us. At Brain and Spine Hospital, Ahmedabad we treat hundreds of patients of Pune, Mumbai and other places of Maharashtra who come to us with different diseases through stem cell treatment.

Through step cell treatment it is possible to get relief in Comma, Paralysis, blindness, deafness, diabetes, heart, liver kidney failure and many more. It is just like a miracle to get treated from so many diseases with one simple solution, that’s why Dr Vijay Sheth is one of the best stem cell doctor in Ahmedabad, every month we treat out of the state patients also as Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Human Stem Cells Function

Stem Cells Can Reach At The Site Of Dead/Damaged (dDegenerated) Cells & Regenerated (Rejuvenate) To Normalize Their Function Again.

Indirectly They Can Be Injected Intravenously or Intrathecally (For brain & Spinal conditions) And Cells May Reach Target But Directly They Are Injected In The Target Eg. Directly In Brain (by Stereotaxis), In Spinal Cord -Intramedullary, Or At The Site By Surgery Intramuscularly, Around Eye. Procedure Is Done 3 Or More Times, At Interval Of 3 Or Less Than 3 Months. Effects & Results Are Variable, And There Are No Side Effects.

  • Comma, Paralysis
  • Head, Spinal cord injury
  • Degenerative disease- Brain, Spinal cord
  • Movement Disorders- Parkinsonism, Dystonia
  • Muscular Disorders
  • Cerebral palsy, Autism
  • Blindness, Deafness.

As from the seed the whole plant grows, similarly from the fruit (like apple, grape, promegranate, etc.) adult cells seperated and processed to stem cells & cultured. This plant stem cell is availabe in powder form - in sachet. Powder is to be placed below the tongue in the morning after brushing the teeth. It will be absorbed in few minutes, then after 20 minutes 1-3 glass of water is to be drunk. This stem cell will enter in blood & circulate in whole body & regenerate & repair various cells of the body. In contrast to human stem cell which when injected locally acts at that specific site, this plant stem cells acts everywhere in the body. So it simultaneously cures various conditions of body. as effect occours in whole body. It may take 3 or more months to reach specific target or desired place so it is to be taken for 3 or more months to get results. Once the condition is cured or relieved treatment can be tappered & stopped. Advantage of plant stem cellis is - it is very less costly & it simultaneously cures many conditions of the body.

  • Neuro-muscular disorders (as mentioned above)
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Heart. Liver, Kidney failure etc.
  • Uncurable skin conditions
  • Ant type of Cancer
  • Bone, Joint diseases, Arthritis
  • Infection, Spticaemia - etc. etc.

Stem Cells Brings Life To Uncurable/Intractable Diseases. And Is The Treatment Which Is Golden Future Of Human Race.

Example-1 -

Mr. P was a young boy of 18 years. He was progressively loosing vision since 5 years. When he was examined his FC (finger counting) was 4 feet right eye & 2 feet left eye. MRI- Brain/Orbit - was normal. Clinical disgnosis was progressive optic atrophy.He was put on Stem cell powder - 1 sachet /day, with other medicines. After 1 month follow up - his right eye vision was 14 feet, & left eye was 8 feet. He continued with further treatment & further improvement.

Example-2 -

Mr R was a young man of 24 years. He had total paraplegia since 10 years with lack of bladder bowel control, due to road traffic accident. He had a very big & bad bed sorein sacral region, in which plastic surgery was done twice but failed. Intra-thecal stem cell injection was given. After 3 months follow up for 2nd stem cell injection - he had bladder bowel control, healed bed sore.

Stem Cells Brings Life To Uncurable/Intractable Diseases. And Is The Treatment Which Is Golden Future Of Human Race.

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