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Congenital - Spinal dysraphism, menigocoele etc.

Traumatic- Vertebra, Disc, Spinal cord injury.

Inflammatory- Spinal abscess, meningitis, arachnoiditis.

Neoplastic- Spinal Tumour,

Vascular- Arterio Venous malformation.

Spinal Disc, Canal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis.

Surgey of Spine depends upon certain spinal conditions.

Congenital- Repair.

Trauamtic- Spinal fixation,Discectomy, Decompression.

Inflammatory- Drainage, aspiration.

Neoplastic- Laminectomy & excision of tumour.

Disc - Excision (+/- replacement), decomoression, reduction & fixation.

  • It is tumour of spinal cord which may be benign or malignant.
  • It can occour in vertebra, meninges, or spinal cord itself.
  • Vertebral tumour may be Osteoma, Aneurysmal bone cyst,etc.
  • Nerve root tumour may be Neurofibroma etc.
  • Menigeal tumour may be meningioma.
  • Spinal cord tumour may be Astrocytoma, Ependymoma etc.
  • Spinal cord tumour location wise may be classified as Extradural, Intradural, Intramedullary, & it may overlap.
  • Diagnosis is done by investigation like- X-ray, MRI, CT Scan.
  • Angiography, EMG, NCV may be required.
  • Treatment- Infectious spinal tumour may respond to medicines (e.g- Tuberculoma)
  • Most of the tumours requires surgery.
  • Removal (excision) of tumour can be done by help of loupe or preferably microscope (microneurosurgery).
  • Benign tumours if removed successfully can cure the patient & may revert neurological defecits.
  • Malignant tumour requires maximum surgical removal followed by radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
  • Prognosis depends upon neurological condition, type of tumour, extent of removal of tumour & follow up treatment.

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