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Obsession (OCD):

Such patients either thinks repeatedly or does any activity repeatedly eg: washing hands, continuously eating, sweeping or rearranging drawers or other items, counting, calculating etc. etc.. He is not satisfied by what he does. Such patients cannot progress in any work. If there is no relief by medicine, psychotherapy or ECT,

then stereotaxis surgery(Cingulotomy) can be done. So repeated thinking stops. Whatever he is told, he accepts or understands. He is satisfied with his thoughts and work. It gives better results and success is upto 95%. Patient S. Kumar aged 18 years was suffering from compulsive disorder since 7 years. He usd to do repetetive activities like washing hands, locking door, non stop eating etc.. He was treated by psychiatrist by medicines & ECT, but in vain. As problem exceeded & interfere with daily activities of life, so he was operated for MRI guided (better than CT guided) bilateral Cingulotomy. patient himself felt better next day, slowly medicines were with drawn & he was back to his business.

Addiction of any thing, especially alcohol is an evil to family & society. It damages patient, his family and society. Person addicted of alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, narcotic drugs (morphine, pethidine etc.), suffers from physical, mental and economical problems. If patient gets operated by stereotaxis ( cingulotomy ), then his addiction is removed, it gives better and long lasting results.

Some persons have severe anxiety. They worry over any trival matter, or anything. They may be constantly under tension due to severe anxiety. Severe anxiety gives rise to obstruction in daily activity of life & may cause disturbance in family life also, giving rise to tension to even others, who come in their contact. Similarly some persons have depression. They have lack of interest in mood, work, any pleasure activity. This depression may go on increasing, so that person may not do his job, he has loss of appetite, weight loss, sad depressed look. Such depression may proceed to suicidal desire & tendency. If not treated, such person may attempt for suicide, even repeatedly. It is a life theatening situation. If all these three -anxiety, depression & suicidal tendency- if not cured by psychiatrists treament by medicines or ECT, than it may require surgical intervention in the form of psychosurgery- viz. bilateral cingulotomy. It will not only relieve patient of anxiety, depression, suicidal tenedency & save his precious life.

Mrs. H was married before few years. She had very anxious nature, & her anxiety about everything increased so much after marriage that her marriage ended up in divorce. She got remarried but anxiety continued. Since many years she was under psychiatrists treatment but no result. She underwent MRI guided computer assisted Bilateral Cingulotomy. And the result was nice. She was relieved of her excessive anxiety nature, medicines were stopped, & she lived happily with her spouse. Thus Bilateral Cingulotomy can relieve severe anxiety, depression , suicidal tendency & save life.

Mr. H. was a patient of wandering tendency, since 5 years. He used to move in house relentlessely, & go out of house, if not kept in locked home, anytime of the day or night. And then he may not come back to home or get lost. Relatives were tired of confining him to home. .

Psychiatry medicines etc. had failed. He was operated with help of CT(now done with MRI) guided Stereotaxis in bilateral Amygdala. On next visit after 1 month he was calm & quite,not runnung away & not to be kept in locked home ( or locked hospital- as at the time of operation)

Schizophrenia Patient- Strereotactic Frame
Stereotactic RF Operation - Addiction
Anxiety Depression Patient- Stereotactic RF Operation
OCD Patient- Stereotactic Frame

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