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Recent Activitiesa

September- 2014.

Spine - 2014.

Attended Spine 2014, conference at Ahmedabad- Gujarat from 19-21 September 2014. Conference was great success with more than 450 delegates from India & abroad. First day was workshop where various spinal surgeries were demonstrated. Next 2 days were informative lectures on various spinal disorders.


Interesting Case.

A small child of 6 months of age presented with sudden attacks of convulsion, followed by sudden deterioration in neurological condition, for which he was put on ventilator. Ct Scan showed right Parietal ? subdural hematoma, In emergency he was operated. Surgery revealed extra-axial tumour. HP showed highly.

Attended Annual Spine Conference of Gujarat State.

December 2014.

Crossed figure of 430 Radio frequency operations for Trigeminal Neuralgia. ( under IITV guidance). Success rate (relief from pain & medicines free) rate is 98%. It's a minimally invasive procedure with hospital stay of 6 hours, costing 1/3 to 1/4 that of open surgery (like MVD-Microvascular decompression, or Rhizotomy). It is a Gold Standard treatment, with no morbidity (except numbness- of variable duration) & no motrality.

June 2015.

Female 38 years presented with left LL weakness & limping since - 3months. MRI D-L spine showed D12 to L2 huge spinal -lipomyelomenigocoele. Microsurgery was done (lasting 7 hours) & total excision of tumour was done with dural grafting.

July 2015.

Young boy of 18 years presented with progrssive loss of vision in both eyes since last 3 years. Near & distant both vision were so affected that he left school. Before 1-1/2 mth he came to me. O/E Fundus was showing optic pallor & some papilloedema, Near vison (NV) Right eye was N36, Left eye N 18; distant vision (DV) right eye 4 feet,left eye 4-1/2 feet. He was put on antioxidant, b complex & oral (plant) stem cell powder for 1 month. After 1-1/2 month on follow up, his near vision in left eye by N12, distant vision improved in right eye from 4 feet to 12 feet & left eye 4-1/2 feet to 20 feet. He continues with stem cell powder.

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