Spinal Disc Surgery

Description :

With aging process various components of vertebra gets degenerated leading to spondylosis of vertebra.

Veretbral disc is confined in annulus fibrosis, when annulus fibrosus gets torn, then disc may prolapse. Both spondylosis & disc prolapse can compress spinal cord or nerve root in foramina.

Cervical Spondylosis & Disc Prolapse -

It is more common at lower cervical region-viz. C5-6, C6-7, C7-T1.Nerve root compression in foramina causes radiculopathy, leading to radiating pain & tingling numbness in hand & weakness in upper limb.

Cord compression occours in central disc prolapse, leading to myelopathy with weakness in upper limbs & lower limbs.

Lumbar Spondylosis & Disc Prolapse -

It is more common at lower Lumbar region- viz. L4-5 & L5-S1 level. Nerve root compression in foramina or in midline leads to radiculopathy- ie. radiating pain, tingling numbness & weakness in lower limb.

Dorsal Spondylosis & Disc Prolapse-

It can cause radiating pain over chest & lower limb paralysis with bladder bowel dysfunction.

Conservative -

In early case, where minimal or no defecit is there. Analgesics, anti edema, B- complex.

Physio therapy-

Intermittent traction , SWD (short wave diathermy), IFT, Ultra violet or Infra red, collar, exercise etc.

Operative treatment -

Consists of decompression of cord or nerve root & fixation- stabilisation of spine sos.

Cervical Disc- Cervical Discoidectomy can be done by microscope or endoscope, usually by anterior approach. Disc may be replaced by bone graft or artificial disc. For cervical canal stenosis or multilevel spondylosis with myelopathy - posterior decompression of cervical spine can be done.

Dorsal Disc-

Anterior or anterolateral or posterolateral approach is done for disc removal.

Lumbar Disc -

Lumbar discoidectomy can be done by open surgery, microscope or endoscope.

For canal stenosis decompression is required by surgery or endoscope. Lumbar disc replacement or spinal fixation may be required.

Results- Radiculopathy results are good. In myelopathy results are varaiable depending upon defcit, duration etc.

Cervical Spinal Disc
Lumbar Spinal Disc
Spinal Fixation

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