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Cerebral Palsy Doctor in Pune, New Mumbai

Cerebral palsy is condition in which there is improper development of brain & some other parts of the body. CP child may be mentally weak to grossly retarded.Children suffering from this disorder have stiff limbs, so they cannot sit or move or do work. But if they undergo stereotactic surgery viz. pallidiotomy, dentate nucleotomy etc.(Ablative procedure) Or stimulation (DBS- Deep Brain Stimulation), then limbs become loose and they can walk or sit and work independently. This will not only relieve spasticity of lower limbs and upper limbs but also of neck muscles. Postoperative physiotherapy and electric stimulation greatly helps in regaining normal power of limbs and activity. Spasticity due to any cause like cerebral palsy, post stroke, post trauma ( head injury, spine injury ), degenerative ( brain, spine ) demyelination or infection, is relieved with stereotactic surgery. Dr. Vijay R. Sheth is the famous Cerebral palsy Doctor in Pune, New Mumbai.

Cerebral Palsy - Spasticity Treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan

Case History 1:

Master P aged 5 years was a case of cerebral palsy, with spasticity of both upper & lower limbs, both upper limbs had fixed flexion at elbow & closed grip & lower limbs were crossed & restricted movements of both lower limbs; he was unable to sit with crossed leg, stand on foot, or walk with support. Bilateral Lumbar selective spinal rhizotomy was done under GA under IITV with Radio-Frequency Lesion Generator. Post operatively with physiotherapy over next 6months - child was able to use upper limbs & walk freely. It is our care and excellent Cerebral palsy Spasticity Treatment that we get other state patients as of Rajasthan.

Dr. Vijay R. Sheth is a famous Cerebral palsy doctor in New Mumbai who successfully treats cerebral palsy cases, with the help of surgery and other treatments. Cerebral palsy spasticity treatment which he chooses according to the patient is so effective that patients who were not able to walk or sit earlier; they start walking without support after treatment, with 32 years of experience Dr. Vijay R. Sheth treats so well that patient comes to us from Pune and Mumbai and take treatment without any fear.

Cerebral Palsy Doctor in New Mumbai, Pune, Maharashtra

Case History 2:

One twelve years old baby girl had cerebral palsy since 11 years. Her hands & legs were stiff, her left leg was remaining 1/2 feet above ground, making it impossible to walk, her hands were in tight fist (grip) position, so she could not hold or do any work with hands. Right hand was staying above shoulder & neck was turned to one side. Physiotherapy/medicines since 1 year was not giving any relief from spasticity. She was operated for bilateral selective Lumbar spinal rhizotomy with Radio-Frequency, under IITV guidance, under anesthesia. As procedure was minimally invasive,patient was discharged next day. Follow up treatment with medicines, physiotherapy & electric stimulation, relieved her stiffness, her hands- grip were open, her right hand come down shoulder, her left leg touched ground & still further she continued to improve. It was a complicated case because this girl has more than one problem or complication.

Dr Vijay R. Sheth took the right approach for her Cerebral palsy spasticity treatment and she improved as many grips got opened. She is progressing further. Dr Sheth is a well known Cerebral palsy doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and in other states as well like Maharashtra & Rajasthan. He says that it is fabulous to see someone who was in great pain earlier but now in comfort. Because of surgical excellence and command on treatment procedures. Dr. Vijay R Sheth get hundreds of patients from Maharashtra every year and we can say that he is one of the Best Cerebral Palsy Doctor in Pune, New Mumbai.

Paralysis Treatment in Maharashtra

Paralysis is the loss of muscle function in part of your body. It happens when something goes wrong with the way messages pass between your brain and muscles. Paralysis can be complete or partial. It can occur on one or both sides of your body. Physical therapy is used to treat paralysis usually. Treatments such as heat massage, physiotherapy and exercise are done to stimulate the nerves and muscles. Functional Electrical stimulation is used in some cases to offer help to the patient. Dr Vijay R Sheth is specialist of paralysis treatment in Maharashtra.

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