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Dr Vijay R Sheth is one of the Best one stop solution for any simple to complicated neuromuscular problem in Gujarat, Rajasthan. At our center final diagnosis is accomplished in single visit in OPD. All problems presenting as headache, backache, neck pain, giddiness, epilepsy, muscular weakness, paralysis, tingling numbness, bladder bowel incontinence etc. are routinely tackled. This hospital has 7 beds - special rooms, Semi special, General Ward, for intensive, personalised care by trained staff. Dr Vijay R. Sheth and his team has gain to recognition in providing the highest quality of medical & surgical treatment in the highly specialized field of Neurosurgery.

He is pioneer in spreading awareness about minimally invasive Brain and Spine Surgery in Ahmedabad. He has brought in Microscope for Microneurosurgery, Steretaxis for Functional Neurosurgery (Movement Disorder, Psychosurgery), Radiofrequency (Trigeminal Neuralgia, Pain, Spasticity), endoscopic surgery (Brain, Spine), Stereotactic Radiosurgery etc. for the First time in Gujarat. He is visiting other Hospitals as Honorary Neurosurgeon at Jivaj Hospital, Thakershy Hospital, Kutchhi Jain Seva Samaj Clinic etc. He is also attached to Saviour Hospital, Nidhi Hospital.

Services to patient are available round the clock by Dr. Vijay R. Sheth in any emergency.

Brain Specialist Doctor in Ahmedabad

Brain Specialist Doctor in Gujarat, Brain Specialist Doctor in Rajasthan

Dr. Vijay R. Sheth - Brain & Spine Hospital

Dr. Vijay Sheth (MS, M.Ch., LLB) Neurosurgical hospital | Neurosurgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Dr Vijay R Sheth is CMD of Brain & Spine Hospital. He has done his MBBS from B J Medical College and Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad in 1978, MS from Sheth K M School of Post Graduate Medicine and research & V S Hospital, Ahmedabad in 1982 and M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) from Grant Medical college and J J Hospital, Mumbai in 1985. He practices in neurosurgical field since 1986 in Ahmedabad. He has been trained in Stereotaxis surgery at Singapore in 1994 and in 2002. He also got training for the same in 2000 at London. Since 1994 he does stereotaxis surgeries. He is also associated as honorary neurosurgeon with Jivraj Mehta Hospital, SAL Hospital, Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad.

The latest neurosurgical Facilities available in his hospital are RFLG (Radio Frequency Lesion Generator), for relief of Trigeminal Neuralgia pain & Spasticity which is minimally invasive, safe, effective, long lasting, applicable at any age, 50-70% less costly than an operation, with least morbidity and no mortality rate. It is an OPD procedure and can be repeated. It gives wonderful results also in Cerebral palsy and Spasticity (of any origin/cause). Stereotactic Frame- Stereotactic surgery done by this frame is useful in biopsy of brain tumour, aspiration of cyst, haemorrhage, abscess etc. It is also useful in Functional neurosurgery e.g. movement disorders like parkinsonism, essential tremors, chorea, athetosis, hemiballismus, torticollis, cerebral palsy, spasticity. It is effective in intractable-temporal lobe or generalized epilepsy. As psychosurgery in psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia, violent/aggressive behaviour, wandering tendency, severe anxiety, depression, suicidal tendency, drug(also alcohol) addiction, obsession (OCD) etc. It is also helpful in pain like cancer or any chronic pain. This Hospital is equipped with Microscope (Takagi-japan), Ventilator, NICU, Cardiac monitor, AC rooms, trained nursing staff etc. Stereotactic operations and RFTC for trigeminal Neuralgia are done at concessional rate in this hospital. It is centrally located in Ahmedabad city at Ashram road & C. G. road junction. Dr. Sheth handles all types of neurosurgical patients including brain tumour, spinal tumour etc. He also treats head injuries including medicolegal and accidents or serious polytrauma. Added to this is now latest treatment by Stem Cell for recovery of Neurological & Muscular Diseases.

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